Three neglected herbs to enrich your kitchen garden

Plant lovage, hyssop and summer savory for both your patch and your table’s sake

As a botanist obsessed with food, I have always found one particular statistic perplexing. Of the estimated 300,000 plant species on Earth, about one in six are edible. Yet our species subsists almost exclusively on the harvests of only a mere 100 plant species. That’s astonishingly just 0.2% of what we could be eating, meaning we are missing out on 99.8% of the options that are available. Talk about a culinary travesty. In the past century this limited repertoire has shrunk even further, with hundreds of crops that were once commonplace falling out of cultivation as part of the increasing homogenisation of global diets.

We miss out on 99.8% of earth’s edible plant options

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Three neglected herbs to enrich your kitchen garden