This app shows you all the must-see buildings in NYC, LA, and more

Now includes Mexico City and architect-focused maps

ArchiMaps, an app
for iOS and Android, is a gift to architecture lovers everywhere.
First launched in 2017, the app provides comprehensive guides to
architecturally-significant buildings, bridges, and more around the
world. ArchiMaps currently has 11 map guides, including seven maps
focusing on global cities like New York, London, Barcelona, and
Mexico City, and four maps highlighting the greatest hits of
architects Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, Adolf Loos, and Antoni
Gaudí. (For more architecture-minded travel inspiration, be sure
to check out the
Curbed guide to the world’s best design cities

The brainchild of Spanish architect Ángel Camacho, the project
took a few years to come to fruition, both in finding a developer
collaborator and preparing content for the first maps. In an email
to Curbed, Camacho explained that he always begins with an
extensive search for the most important buildings in each city, and
then little by little layers on increasingly obscure works, aiming
to strike a balance with architects, styles, and time periods.

Courtesy ArchiMaps Left: “Not to Miss in Madrid” ArchiRoute;
Right: Map of sites in Chicago

The app does exactly what you might expect: Open it up, choose a
city, and see a zoomable map of over two hundred notable structures
in each city, color-coded by time period and labeled with symbols
representing different building types. Click on a specific point
and get a photo of the work (you can also send in your own photo if
none is available yet), plus basic info like the firm, year of
completion, architectural style, and a handy link to the
building’s Wikipedia page (saved you a step there!). You can see
a list of all the buildings in the city, or filter by building type
and sort by name and date.

Even cooler: The app comes preloaded with a handful of
“ArchiRoutes” designed around specific themes. So you’ll find
“Art Deco jewels” in New York City, “Frank Lloyd Wright
masterpieces” in Chicago, “21st-Century Collection Housing”
in Madrid, and “British Brutalism” in London. Happy
architecture peeping!

Los Angeles and Southern California.
Courtesy ArchiMaps Eero Saarinen map.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
This app shows you all the must-see buildings in NYC, LA, and more