The smallest pedestrian bridge in Central Park

Central Park is a wonderland of beautiful bridges. At
least 36 bridges and arches
wind through the park, allowing
pedestrians to discover all the landscapes Frederick Law Olmsted
and Calvert Vaux put into their
1850s Greensward plan

On a recent visit, I think I may have come across the smallest
bridge in the park. This lilliputian rustic wood span is part of a
footpath through the Ramble, the wooded area surrounding the

If it has a name, I couldn’t find it. But crosses Azalea Pond,
to the Central Park Conservatory.
Though it’s “newly
constructed,” it appears to be an homage to Central Park’s
co-designers, who succeeded in recreating nature in the industrial,
bustling city.

Source: FS – NYC Real Estate
The smallest pedestrian bridge in Central Park