The bronze dancing bears just inside Central Park

Just off Fifth Avenue at 79th Street in Central Park is a small
playground. Step inside, and try to resist the charm of these three
enormous bronze bears.

“Group of Bears” has been at the Pat Hoffman Friedman
playground since 1990. Cast 30 years earlier, this whimsical
sculpture is the work of Paul Manship.

If the bears look familiar, its because Manship is the sculptor
behind some of Central Park’s most beloved bronze animal statues.
Those are his dancing goats and frolicking boy on top of the Lehman
Gates (above) at the entrance to the Children’s Zoo.

Manship also designed the Osborn Gates (below), which feature
bronze vignettes
inspired by Aesop’s fables
. Dedicated in 1953, these gates
stood at the entrance of a playground on the northern side the
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In the 1970s, the playground was torn down to expand the museum,
and Manship’s animal-themed gates sat in storage—until they
were brought back to the park and installed at the
Ancient Playground in 2009.

Not all of Manship’s work has a child-friendly, fairy-tale
kind of feel. He’s the sculptor whose Prometheus marks the
skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

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; Fourth photo: Wikipedia]

Source: FS – NYC Real Estate
The bronze dancing bears just inside Central Park