Recovered beauty: bold prints and second-hand treasure

The owners’ love of vintage shopping and revitalising furniture with bold prints gives this house its character

In theory, I like the idea of living in a sleek minimalist box,” says Ruthie Hudson. “But in reality, I’m too sentimental. I like collecting ‘stuff’, especially things that feel as if they have a back story.” With second-hand furniture, artists’ prints and end-of-line fabrics, her 1930s house in Stamford, Lincolnshire, might be short on echoey white spaces, but it’s got plenty of personality.

Ruthie, her husband Michael and their sons Jasper, seven, and Felix, five, live in a house that was originally built as accommodation for a police officer. It hadn’t been lived in for many years, but instead had been used as an overflow storage space for the police station a few doors down. “The rooms were full of recovered stolen bikes,” Ruthie says. “And I don’t mean just one or two – there were about 50, all in different shapes and sizes.”

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Source: the guardian – property
Recovered beauty: bold prints and second-hand treasure