Plywood-free Tiny House

As we prepare to end the year and start another (which will be full of exciting new features and updates) it is as good a time as any to look back on some of the most interesting houses sold here on Tiny House Listings. To begin that list we’ll take a look at one of the most popular and talked about houses of the year: The Shiny Tiny!

At just 236 total sq.ft. this plywood-free, corrugated metal tiny house is probably the most non-traditional houses we’ve ever featured. It has no plywood, no plastic, no drywall, and no paint. It doesn’t contain any toxic materials that off-gas and was built to be an all-natural, breathable, and mold-resistant house on wheels.

Behind each tongue & groove, interior wall rests several inches of sheeps’ wool insulation, while the floor is 100% bamboo. Water to the house comes from an exterior rain catchment system and electricity from a solar array that sits on the ground at an angle. And as eye-catching as the outside is, the inside is probably more interesting. The kitchen area has a 2-burner propane cooktop and a small amount of countertop workspace just under a series of open shelves for storage of dry food and pots and pans. The half-fridge (or dorm-style fridge) is mounted in the wall for efficiency as it radiates to the outside!

While the Shiny Tiny originally listed as a one-bedroom home, it actually has more room than that would suggest. There are two king-sized lofts (on opposite ends); one high and one low. The high is an actual loft raised toward the ceiling while the second is a sort of mid-loft accessible by four stair treads. It is an unconventional take on a conventional design. There is also an option for hanging a hammock should the homeowner need more space or just want a different view during naptime.

After an initial price reduction, the house sold and still rests on Lopez Island in Washington state.

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Plywood-free Tiny House