Petition filed to stop controversial Monte Sereno housing project

A Monte Sereno couple who oppose the controversial Hacienda Inn housing development has filed a petition in Santa Clara County Superior Court asking that an environmental impact report be completed before the first shovel of dirt is turned.

The action was filed by Shahab and Elham Hatam-Tabrizi, whose property borders the Hacienda. They fear the 36-home development that’s been approved will negatively impact their plans to build their future “dream home.”

The Hacienda Inn is at 18840 Saratoga-Los Gatos Road, midway between Los Gatos and Saratoga.

Los Gatos attorney Bruce Tichinin filed the petition Thursday on behalf of the Hatam-Tabrizis.

The petition specifically says that bulldozers cutting into the hillside at the back of the Hacienda could result in landslides on the Hatam-Tabrizi property. The couple is also concerned that 17 trees adjacent to the Hacienda could negatively be impacted by the construction.

Tichinin and the Hatam-Tabrizis were not immediately available for comment.

Environmental impact reports are optional, Monte Sereno City Manager Terry Blount said. Instead, the city hired a consultant to complete what’s known as an initial study of the development’s potential environmental impacts.

“Every project is required to have an initial study that identifies the impacts. Once the impacts and mitigations were identified, we determined an environmental impact report wasn’t necessary,” Blount said. “If the impacts can be mitigated then cities can proceed with a mitigated negative declaration.”

The Monte Sereno City Council approved the mitigated negative declaration 3-2 on June 12.

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Petition filed to stop controversial Monte Sereno housing project