Off Grid Tiny House Project

The idea of an off-grid tiny house project truly began a little over two years ago when I was able to purchase some uncleared land in eastern North Carolina. Out of immediate cellular range and completely free of Internet connection, the land (albeit very shady and covered with 15-year old pine trees) was ripe for a project I had been thinking about for some time. I was going to convert the blank canvas into a sort of off-grid homestead with multiple lodging options and experiments in alternative energy and even water catchment.

The project remained largely under wraps and served more as a conversation focus in real life as opposed to a documented series of events. By the time I had filmed my first video I had already cleared a small enough portion of land to create a driveway and build a very small cabin (4′ wide by 16′ long, on stilts). That wouldn’t last long as I realized that the more people that found out about my off-grid property, the more people wanted to watch it take shape. I began with a sort of tool review so as to show what kept me from having to haul out a generator, gas, and tools, to my property.

As time went on and I continued to work, heat became an issue and so I took a few tips from other YouTubers and Makers and built an outdoor propane tank wood stove that would allow the smoke to vent outside and the actual heat vent inside.

Once I had completed that project and decided to add the first guest quarters I got more serious about the documentation part of the project and launched two videos on the creation of The Path-eon (and $800 two-person cabin on wheels).

A year ago I realized that in my excitement to transform my land I had forgotten one important thing. I quickly built an outhouse so as to give some privacy to those that may not be as “liberal” as myself.

Since then I have truly found my happy place and have hosted a Deek Diedricksen workshop, several off-grid guests, a few fireside chats, and more.

It was at that same workshop that Deek’s participants built a very cool treehouse to add to the now more communal land.

Just about six months ago my father and I purchased a tiny house on wheels and moved it to the land. It added an element I didn’t think possible. It turned my off-grid experiment into a bona fide off-grid homestead wherein I have gotten to work side-by-side with my dad (thereby strengthening our relationship), try out things I once only read about, and create a place of clarity for myself. I have started a playlist of the growth of the property and I hope you will enjoy watching it take shape as much as I have enjoyed helping it do so.

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Off Grid Tiny House Project