NYC’s airports, MTA at ‘imminent risk’ if government shutdown drags on

New York State Senator Charles Schumer says that the city’s
economy and the MTA could be strained if the shutdown continues

It’s been more than two weeks since the partial shutdown of
the federal government
n and with no end in sight, the city could start feeling
the affects.

On Sunday, New York State Senator Charles Schumer that
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at the JFK and
LaGuardia airports are at “imminent risk” if the partial
shutdown continues. According to union officials for TSA agents, up
to 170 staff members have been
calling in sick since the shutdown begin
, resulting in longer
lines at airports and delayed flights,
the New York Daily News. Schumer said that should
things continue on like this, the city’s economy could feel the

“[TSA agents] can’t get to work and they’re not getting
paid,”Schumer told the Daily News. “That means longer lines at
the airport, that means more delayed flights at the airports and
that puts a crimp on our New York economy, which depends on people
flying in and flying out.”

The already struggling MTA could also be at risk, should the
shutdown drag on. The agency is estimating a loss of about $150
million in federal funding this month. Schumer says that the
cash-strapped MTA can probably last another four weeks but after
that, it’ll have to start cutting back or even borrowing money

New York State has
picked up the tab
for some federal properties in New York City,
like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, allowing them to
remain open and continue to welcome visitors. Meanwhile,
Smithsonian museums, the Cooper Hewitt, and the National Museum of
the American Indian
are shuttered while the shutdown is in

Due to the
, Cooper Hewitt and all Smithsonian museums
are closed. We will update our operating status as soon as the
situation is resolved. We do not plan to update social media other
than to inform you of our operating status.

— Cooper Hewitt (@cooperhewitt)
January 2, 2019

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NYC’s airports, MTA at ‘imminent risk’ if government shutdown drags on