No doubt about it. BILLY is made for built-in bookshelves

The goal behind the IKEA hack was to
create a useful division in the basement.

We had a really long wall that needed something to separate the

games area
from the media area.

What better way than to introduce more
and some built-in bookshelves.

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

Items used for BILLY built-in bookshelves

  • BILLY bookcases + half glass doors

Other materials:


Steps I took to build the BILLY built-in bookshelves

1. I started out by framing out the two walls that flanked
either side of the bookshelves using 2×4’s. I wanted these to
act like walls framing in the built-in BILLY bookshelves, thus I
needed the walls deep enough to recess the BILLY’s in about 1 1/2
inches from the finished front.

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

2. After the framing was complete, I assembled the IKEA BILLY
bookshelves for a rough fit. It is absolutely essential that
everything fits snug. At this stage, you can still easily make

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

3. Next is to secure the BILLY bookshelves to each other. Use
screws of the right length, so it won’t poke through the other
side of the BILLY unit.

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

Once all of the BILLY bookshelves are joined, go ahead and
secure them to the framed walls with 2 1/2″ screws.

4. It is time to start closing in the framed walls. I used MDF
for this project because I wanted them to look like trimmed out
walls and not just a drywall wall. Remember to check for

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

Then, fill any of the joints and nail holes with drywall putty.
Let it dry, and then give everything a good sanding.

5. Prime all of the MDF and then paint.

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

6. Now is time to install the finishing trim. For my project, I
went with an inside quarter round along the top. This covers the
joint between the drywall bulkhead and MDF, as well as the small
gap above the built-in bookshelves.

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

For the bottom, I used the same baseboards as the rest of the
basement (standard 1×4″ MDF baseboards). Again, this helps
provide continuity to the entire space, tying the built-in
BILLY’s with the rest of the renovation.

Fill the gaps and nail holes with drywall mud, give it a light
sand, and then finish off the new trim with a final coat of

7. The last step is to install the BILLY doors and hardware. We
replaced the regular BILLY knobs with white and grey ceramic pumpkin

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

I made a YouTube video instruction to go along with this build.
It can really help explain some of the more finicky steps about how
I settled on specific measurements.

Total cost was around $500.00 CAD.

The best part of the hack is it completely changes the look of
basic BILLY bookcases into a custom built-in and functional piece
of furniture.

The hardest part of the build is the planning. Taking the extra
time to really understand the dimensions and how it would all fit
together is highly encouraged.

It led to some rather specific measurements to get the intended
look. In particular having the final inside quarter round fit
perfectly under the bulkhead when finishing the top of the

DIY built-in BILLY bookshelves

See the
full tutorial
 of the IKEA BILLY built-in bookshelves.

~ Jeff from The Homestud

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No doubt about it. BILLY is made for built-in bookshelves

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No doubt about it. BILLY is made for built-in bookshelves