New homes alone won’t solve the housing crisis | Letters

Kate Macintosh, John Worrall, Frances Holliss, Robin Howell and Eileen Peck on a report calling for 3 million new social homes to be built in the next 20 years

The Shelter housing commission’s report (Cross-party call to build 3m new social homes, 8 January) stands in danger of simply racking up change-of-use inflation in land prices, putting the unearned value uplift of as much as 70% into the pockets of speculators. Unless the basic structure of housing provision in the UK is changed to restore to local authorities powers of compulsory purchase, with taxation on the land-value enhancement, this will be the unintended consequence.

The result of right-to-buy has been the sell-off of 60,000 council homes with a £3.5bn public subsidy, and 40% of that stock finding its way into the hands of private landlords, who rent it back, often to the same local authority at hugely inflated rates. A straight transfer of public wealth into private hands.

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Source: the guardian – property
New homes alone won’t solve the housing crisis | Letters