Micro Apartments Are A Grand Plan At 28 Grand

Since the economic fallout of 2007 and 2008 and the closing of several motor city manufacturers (as recently as July 2017 event) Detroit, Michigan has taken a bad wrap. Becoming the poster child for urban decay, unemployment, violence, and more, ‘Motor City’ has been in need of a facelift. What has been overlooked though is that trendy cafes and restaurants have been popping up regularly and investors such as Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert (himself a Detroit boy) are investing heavily in revitalization efforts of once grand palace structures. In fact, in 2015 over 30 restaurants open up and Detroit boasted the highest concentration of designers in the US. On a more sustainable note, there are some 1,000+ urban community farms that produce enough fruit and vegetables to supply 20% of the city. Art and culture are flourishing. Of course, this sort of renaissance is limited to certain pockets of the city and some claim Detroit is only providing a band-aid for a much larger injury. No matter what the argument, this much is true. In order to save its sinking ship, Detroit has turned to smaller, more organic projects rather than the grandiose old world Detroit. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the development of 28Grand; a new model of urban living in the heart of Capitol Park.

28Grand is thirteen stories containing 218 furnished micro-apartments at 260 sq.ft. a piece. Seems like a dorm room to most. But to those looking to capitalize on a growing and trendy part of the city without having to sacrifice food in order to pay rent, the micro-apartments are a welcome advantage.

The units themselves are furnished providing residents with a double bed, padded bench (with storage), table, appliances, and a TV. The kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, a double burner cooktop, and a microwave. Utilities and Rocket Fiber internet are also included in the rent. But if that weren’t enough, the second floor will have 3,500 sq.ft. of communal spaces with kitchen, community lounge, a fitness center, and an outdoor terrace. 133 of the 28Grand apartments are market-rate units and 85 are for those who qualify for low-income housing tax credits.

The units are not exceptionally fancy. They do boast intelligent lighting, beautiful vinyl blank floors, contemporary furniture, great views of the downtown Detroit neighborhood, and incredibly fast internet. Micro-apartments aren’t truly intended to be long-term situations though. In fact, micro-apartments by definition are smaller-than-average studios intended for a single resident. The apartments are of ultra-efficient design with high ceilings and large windows to create the illusion of space. They are truly aimed at twenty-somethings with relatively lucrative jobs in the city. The residents are willing to trade square footage for a vibrant, convenient location. Oftentimes they haven’t yet accumulated many possessions and they spend the majority of time at work or socializing outside of their apartment. This is exactly what 28Grand is and why they are a grand plan at restoring a city once known for its opulence.

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Micro Apartments Are A Grand Plan At 28 Grand