Meet Sonny, a stylish portable bidet

Just what you’ve been waiting for…

Sonny is a portable bidet. And yes, it’s designed for that.
You’d be forgiven if you mistook it for another shiny gadget,
say, a home security system or a voice assistant. The compact tool
looks like a contemporary piece of tech, except it’s a mostly
analog pack-and-go bum cleaner.

Sonny’s founders worked with
the industrial design studio Box
, to design a sleek, cylindrical object that’s meant to
look like an ambiguous tool. But it actually has a
highly-specialized use, which the company describes as a
“personal micro-shower.” Yep.

Bidet on top of toilet

The bidet has an interior water chamber that’s removable and
refillable. There’s a retractable nozzle that when extended can
shoot a splash of water like a high-powered spray bottle on a low
or high pressure setting. With the slide of a button, the
antibacterial nozzle slips back inside the cylinder that’s coated
in a metallic finish.

Hand pouring water intovessel

Sonny’s founders believe that a handsome, portable bidet could
cut down on toilet paper waste, of which there is, admittedly, a
lot (on average, toilet paper production requires cutting down 15
million trees a year). And indeed, the bidet does look nice, as far
as these things go.

Whether you’ve been in the market for a portable bidet for a
while (hey, you never know) or just are weirdly curious, you can

back the project on Indigogo
starting today.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Meet Sonny, a stylish portable bidet