In Brooklyn Heights, charming 186-year-old townhouse seeks $6M

The home at 135 Joralemon Street dates back to 1833

One of the most charming homes in Brooklyn Heights, a
189-year-old Federal-style townhouse in the heart of the
neighborhood, could be yours, provided you have around $6 million to

The home, located at 135 Joralemon Street, is part of the

Brooklyn Heights Historic District
, and is situated on a block
where homes of its type—clapboard, with a porch and deep front
yard—aren’t exactly the norm. And plenty of this house’s
historic details remain, both inside and out: There are several
wood-burning fireplaces, iron latticework on the facade, and beamed
ceilings in the rooms at the garden level.

But a fire tore through the home in 2004, which means that over
the years, the interior has been renovated up to modern standards.
The most recent renovation, which happened in the past couple of
years, added a new HVAC system to the house; it also has modern
appliances (both in the kitchen and a washer/dryer), several
walk-in closets, and more.

The house at 135 Joralemon Street has five bedrooms and three
and a half bathrooms, and there’s a spacious backyard and a small
porch on the back of the house. It’s listed with
Caleb Hartzler of Stribling for $5.995 million.

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In Brooklyn Heights, charming 186-year-old townhouse seeks M