Cozy camper van is a $65K off-grid retreat

Off Grid Adventure Vans
converts Ram Promasters and Ford Transits into roving
homes-on-the-go. | All photos courtesy of Off Grid Adventure Vans

114 square feet of thoughtful design

camper van industry
has long been concentrated in the American
West, with
custom upfitters
often headquartering in California, Colorado,
and Washington. East Coast adventurers might feel left out from the
#VanLife craze, except for the work of Maryland-based Off Grid Adventure Vans. Love
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We first
on Off Grid Adventure Vans in 2018 as they were in the
beginning stages of their company. Unlike other pricey converted
vans that cost
well over $100,000
, the team at Off Grid Adventure Vans wanted
to build a more budget-conscious van. Their
first models were sleek and well-thought out,
all using the Ram
Promaster as a base.

Today, Off Grid Adventure Vans is still focused on affordability
while also offering more choice to consumers with builds on both
Promasters and Ford Transits. They recently moved to a new facility
in Frederick, Maryland, with a full in-house woodworking shop. The
company now provides one of the most robust selections of cabinetry
that we’ve seen in a van, allowing customers to choose different
styles, finishes, woods, and paint colors. Unlike other
industrial looks
, this type of woodworking creates a cozy feel
more reminiscent of tiny homes than campers.

They’ve also expanded into three different layouts. The
costs $33,000 for the buildout—is still their most popular layout
on the 159-inch Ram Promaster. In this model a full-size Murphy bed
sleeps two and folds up when not in use. In its place are two long
bench seats with a removable table in between for working or
dining. Overhead cabinets and built-in cabinetry provide storage,
while a galley kitchen includes a refrigerator, butcher block
countertop, stove, and sink.

The interior of a camper van.

Another look at the cabinet options in the Rambler.

Two new models include a similar cabinet system but switch up
the bed layout for storage. In Off Grid Adventure’s Summit
and Vagabond,
the beds are situated over a gear garage that provides space for
bikes or other adventure gear. In all three of the models, interior
walls are available in cedar, pine, hemlock, and other local woods,
and customers can also customize the interiors of the three main
cabinets so long as they stay in the same build footprint.

Other perks include the use of better, longer-lasting lithium
batteries, solar power and an inverter in all standard builds, a
roof fan, and dimmable LED lighting. Looking for a few extras? Off
Grid Adventure vans also offers upgrades like an outdoor shower,
compostable toilet, and four-season insulation.

Excellent woodworking and layouts notwithstanding, the allure of
an Off Grid Adventure van remains its price. With 2019 Ram
Promasters starting around $30,000 before
options, the cost of a brand new van with Off Grid Adventure runs
from about $63,000 to $70,000. The company has also expanded its
financing arrangement which allows customers to combine the vehicle
and the conversion into an auto loan. And if you’re looking to
get into a van quickly, they have several new 2018 Ram 2500 159-inch Promaster
high roof vans
for $30,000 that are ready to be converted.

Curbed has seen a lot of camper vans since we first covered Off
Grid Adventure Vans. I’ve reported on
bold color palettes
over-the-top amenities
, and
futuristic concept vans
. But while there are many new companies
converting vans, almost all of them are geared towards the luxury
market. While they may look good on Instagram, most of those
six-figure vans are out of reach for aspiring van lifers. Off Grid
Adventure Vans offers a reasonable compromise, building
amenity-packed vans in fun layouts at an attainable price point.
Other van builders should take note.

Vagabond model shown with an optional shower and toilet.
The Vagabond also features a fixed bed and a gear garage for

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Cozy camper van is a K off-grid retreat