Converted school bus is a cozy tiny home on wheels

A “skoolie” with 210-square-feet of style

Whether you’re considering a
camper van
, shipping
, or tiny
, there are many options for downsizing. One medium you may
have not considered has been gaining traction in the #VanLife
the school bus conversion
, otherwise known as the skoolie. Love
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Compared to smaller, more compact RVs,
are a larger option for DIYers wanting to hit the
road. They do take a lot of work; transforming one from a
kid-hauling bus to a traveling home is no small task. They can also
be expensive to fuel, hard to park in cities, and as some
adventurers discover,
more appealing as an idea than in reality

But for some, the transformations can be incredible. Take this
1998 Thomas School Bus that was renovated by couple Robbie and
Priscilla. Documented on their Going Boundless
Instagram account
, the school bus took a year and a half to
build. Robbie and Priscilla report that they chose a school bus
because they wanted it to feel like more of a tiny home than an RV.
They also wanted to be able to bring their pets with them, and
today Mr. Beebles the cat calls the school bus home.

Like most
DIY efforts
, the bus renovation was difficult. Leaking windows
required a complete replacement, and after the couple had spent
over a year on the project, their engine stopped working. A blown
gasket forced the bus to be in the shop for months before they
could leave on their journey. But since March 21st Robbie and
Priscilla have been on the road, enjoying the fruits of their

And that hard work produced a beautiful roving home. The bus
features an open floor plan with a full bed at the rear that sleeps
two. Cedar tongue and groove ceilings and white walls make for a
cozy design, and a full size kitchen is larger than some New York
apartment kitchens. The kitchen boasts a farmhouse sink, quartz
countertops, soft-closing cabinet doors and drawers, and a pull-out
pantry. A giant refrigerator holds plenty of food, and an oven
range makes it easy to cook large meals.

A small couch provides a place to hang during the day, and
underneath the bed is a washer dryer combo and lots of storage.
Innovative touches show that Priscilla and Robbie thought a lot
about the design; the bed sits high so the pull-out storage doubles
as a step stool.

For anyone who bemoans the camping life due to lack of
, check out this one. A full bathroom includes a glass
shower door, privacy blinds, and giant tiled shower with brass
accents. Outside, two outdoor showers make cleaning off after
adventures easy, and the bus also features a backup camera, air
conditioner, fireplace, LED lights, skylight, and desk. The school
bus is also able to function completely off grid, with six 360-watt
solar panels and eight 315 AH Trojan batteries.

Robbie, Priscilla, and Mr. Beebles plan to spend the summer in
Canada and Alaska before traveling to every state over the next few
years. You can follow their adventures on Facebook, Instagram, or
their website.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Converted school bus is a cozy tiny home on wheels