Bleak state of Britain’s private rented sector | Letters

Guardian readers respond to our investigation into rogue landlords and private rented housing conditions

We really appreciate the Guardian’s exposure of the conditions that so many private tenants endure, and the weaknesses in legislation that allow the worst landlords to continue to rent, despite repeated prosecutions (Banned but still in business. How law fails to stop rogue landlords, 24 October).

Most tenants feel powerless to act against their landlord because tenancies in England and Wales do not provide security of tenure, so tenants risk losing their home if they dare complain. The court system is also a deterrent. It can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive, with the added risk that if the landlord employs a top barrister and wins on a technicality, the tenant could be ordered to pay the landlord’s costs as well as his or her own. The whole court system needs an overhaul.

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Source: the guardian – property
Bleak state of Britain’s private rented sector | Letters