Back-to-school shopping? Check out these dorm room essentials

A small gray foldable sofa with two pillows sits next to a stack of magazines and a houseplant.This
saucer sofa ($60)
features a sturdy steel frame and foldable design that makes it
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Furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, and more

Summer is winding down and college students everywhere are faced
with the inevitable: It’s time to go back to school. And whether
students are headed to a dorm room or a first apartment, they’re
going to need some supplies.

The best back-to-school essentials often serve double duty and
don’t take up too much space. They’re also affordable—student
budgets are a real thing. To help you figure out which products get
an A+ and which don’t pass the test, we’ve rounded up some of
our favorite products, below.

From whimsical sheets to laundry baskets to affordable
furniture, here are the top dorm room essentials to shop right


Dorm room twin beds may not be the most comfortable, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t spiff them up a bit. Bed-in-a-bag and
sheet sets help with affordability, and a good mattress topper can
make any bed a bit more restful.


College students need a few bath basics to get through the year,
and it all starts with a good towel set. We’ve picked out two
options, below, as well as a helpful shower caddy, laundry basket,
and a top-notch toothbrush.


You may not be able to fit much in a college apartment or dorm
room, so opt for compact furniture that can fold away and also be
used for storage.

Kitchen and cooking

There’s a reason the Instant Pot has invaded kitchens
throughout the country, but consider its helpfulness for students:
The ability to make meals without dirtying a few pans makes this an
easy choice for dorm life. And don’t forget the caffeine; our
picks for tea and coffee lovers prioritize portability and


Even serious students need to take a break sometime, and these
outdoor supplies are perfect for picnics, porch gatherings, and
late-night lounging.


The little things that make college life easier.

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Back-to-school shopping? Check out these dorm room essentials