A Village painter’s dynamic 1930s street scene

You can practically feel the energy and vitality in painter
Alfred S. Mira’s depiction of the daily rhythms of a New York

Shops are open, trucks make deliveries, a couple crosses the
street, a mother pushes a baby carriage, a father walks with his
daughter while a woman walks her dog, and presumably the next day
and every day after that, this corner hummed with the same life and

But what colorful
tenement corner are we on in the the New York of the 1930s or
1940s? (The date of the painting isn’t clear.)

Born in Italy,
Mira called Greenwich Village home
and tended to paint gritty
to enchanting street scenes from his neighborhood.

Though this painting is titled “Greenwich Village New York”
Questroyal Fine Art LLC
, a 1943 Los Angeles Times article
covering an exhibit of Mira’s in LA printed the painting and
called it “Greenwich Ave. and 11th Street.”

Source: FS – NYC Real Estate
A Village painter’s dynamic 1930s street scene