A modern desert home inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe paintings

An homage where traditional meets contemporary

The Weave House in Phoenix, Arizona, is an homage to the painter
Georgia O’Keeffe. With its white stucco walls, dusty color
palette, and choice cacti accents, it’s easy to see how the
modern desert house plays tribute to the painter’s southwestern

Living room with concrete floors
Photo: Roehner + Ryan

The Ranch Mine studio
designed the 2,543-square-foot house on the site of a former
parking lot with the intention of blending modern and traditional
southwestern style. The U-shaped house wraps around a front and
back courtyard, the former filled with desert plants, the latter
with a pool and a covered patio that includes a steel-clad
fireplace and outdoor kitchen.

The house’s clean lines and shapes are reminiscent of the
adobe homes and patios depicted in O’Keeffe’s soft but striking

Pool in back courtyard
Photo: Roehner + Ryan

In the front, two recessed cushioned benches welcome guests with
an unexpected pop of color.

Orange benches outside of front door
Photo: Roehner + Ryan

Inside, the house embraces simplicity with concrete floors,
white walls, and a timber ceiling built with wood sourced from the
owners’ own lumber mill. The doors in the living room, kitchen,
master bedroom, and bathroom open onto the courtyard, giving the
home an open and airy feel.

Dining room table overlooking courtyard
Photo: Roehner + Ryan
Bathroom with door open to courtyard
Photo: Roehner + Ryan

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
A modern desert home inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe paintings